Thursday, September 30, 2010

coming up: bar matters

lots of materials in upcoming posts..soon as i get back to my HOMEBASE..
right now i'm still unwinding from the pressures of the past turned out to be a "bloody" one!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

file management: working with review materials

first and foremost in importance on dealing with bar~review~ materials, which comes in such forms as dotPDF, dotDOC, dot MP3, dot WAV...what have you, is the manner of converting these files into formats which suit your needs.

  • dot PDF files from ADOBE PAGEMAKERS/OPEN OFFICE(i think the most recent MS OFFICE has also added the "EXPORT as PDF" functionality) is the most important form due to its portability or fast transmission capability and its ever most important NARRATOR(READ-ALOUD) function which reads through your document consistently...barring brownouts..hehe!
  • dotDOC is also good but the drawback is its vulnerability to VIRUSES.
  • dotMP3 is nice to work with due to its adaptability/support in most GADGETS available in the market these days, be it PDA's, IPOD's, generic mobile music PLAYERS, and/or cellular phones(BLACKBERRY is the meanest).
  • dotWAV is not recommended as they tend to take too much space in your HARDISKS/memory STICKs/SDs/microSD's.
  • dotTXT files are the most BASIC and the easiest files to work with.
i will then work on some files which i will be sharing in the succeeding posts as an example on how to manage them according to your specific needs. like from PDF, a narrator may be activated(ms sam voice) and recorded through a recording software( i prefer AUDACITY for this purpose)plus a loop back chord from your AUDIO OUT(most CPU's tag them as SPEAKER) to your LINE-IN or MIC outlet(where the jack goes IN) then saving it in MP3 form (MP4 is more sophisticated in the sense that images and sound may be combined and compressed into relatively lighter files.

unfortunately, i haven't gone through the process of REVERSE~ENGINEERING dotMP3 files yet...i tried to search for the specific software but failed.
the work around for this of course is to have them transliterated, that is, from AUDIO to TEXT which requires the services of STENOGRAPHERS. and is, i should say, quite costly...
anyways...will keep on searching!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

persons: benigno “noynoy” aquino III


saying that “ there would be a possible impeachment for SC justices who decided on the issue on MIDNIGHT APPOINTMENTS..”
hmmm…nice move towards JUDICIAL REFORMS!

to think that his father 'ninoy' bore the blunt of a SC that mis-postured during the 'marcos' is not at all unthinkable nor surprising for him to be declaring such statements... or having such an attitude...panahon na cguro...i cannot think of any other candidate who would give us even just a little bit of hope in order to implement the much needed JUDICIAL REFORMS!

SC decisions are not bound by DISSENTING nor SEPARATE opinions. we are told to watch out for them dissenting opinions as they tend to be controlling in a 'future' time.

notable on this aspect was the late CJ teehankee's consistent dissents..until 'people power' took over..a seated CJ was requested to resign.. of course,  but does it always take a revolution or an uprising to reward INTEGRITY?

the court 'en banc' quoted the OSG argument as follows:

  • 1. When Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee retired on April 18, 1988, Chief Justice Pedro Yap was appointed on the same day;
  • 2. When Chief Justice Yap retired on July 1, 1988, Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan was appointed on the same day; 
  • 3. When Chief Justice Fernan resigned on December 7, 1991, Chief Justice Andres Narvasa was appointed the following day, December 8, 1991;
  • 4. When Chief Justice Narvasa retired on November 29, 1998, Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. was sworn into office the following early morning of November 30, 1998;
  • 5. When Chief Justice Davide retired on December 19, 2005, Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban was appointed the next day, December 20, 2005; and
  • 6. When Chief Justice Panganiban retired on December 6, 2006, Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno took his oath as Chief Justice at midnight of December 6, 2006.[85]
most proly 'leading' to a concept of precedents as if it was alright to appoint a new CJ soon as the seat is vacated...all in a day that is..
but it raises too many questions..
  • for one: were these dates within an impending 'PRESIDENTIAL' elections?
  • two: was there an on-going appointment ban in each of those moments?
"It is one thing to alter the law's direction of travel by a few degrees, quite another to set it off in a different direction."- Lord Bingham on 'The Rule of Law'

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Friday, February 12, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

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