Sunday, March 25, 2012

places: mayacabac, dauis, bohol

my grand father left a piece of real estate in mayacabac,dauis, panglau island in bohol. 

he left the island as a young man when he decided he did not want to be a fisherman all his life. he would eventual retire as a municipal treasurer in the province of zamboanga del sur.

at the rates the resorts in the island are going (unconfirmed 50k for a nights stay). the small piece of common property is a gold mine.

in the municipality of Panglau, an american citizen was able to acquire a piece of property where a cave was located. it also had a 'balete' tree that scared the children around the neighborhood (Filipino folklore is rich with stories of 'encantos' and the supernatural). what the person did, i was informed, was to convert the cave into a bar with a swimming pool. this is just one of the things that make the place famous.