Friday, March 30, 2012

references: impeachment

Sunday, March 25, 2012

places: mayacabac, dauis, bohol

my grand father left a piece of real estate in mayacabac,dauis, panglau island in bohol. 

he left the island as a young man when he decided he did not want to be a fisherman all his life. he would eventual retire as a municipal treasurer in the province of zamboanga del sur.

at the rates the resorts in the island are going (unconfirmed 50k for a nights stay). the small piece of common property is a gold mine.

in the municipality of Panglau, an american citizen was able to acquire a piece of property where a cave was located. it also had a 'balete' tree that scared the children around the neighborhood (Filipino folklore is rich with stories of 'encantos' and the supernatural). what the person did, i was informed, was to convert the cave into a bar with a swimming pool. this is just one of the things that make the place famous.

Monday, March 12, 2012

events: observations on the corona defense

these are some of the observations noted with regard to the conduct of the accused chief justice's defense at the resumption of the proceeding from the five day break in order to give time for the defense to prepare for its deliberations:

1. as an initial salvo, the defense lead cuevas employs evasive tactics by questioning the manner in which the impeachment court (IC) proceeded to trial from the articles of impeachment by the lower house. attacking in effect the IC and threatening to go to the SC on grounds of grave abuse of discretion.

citing francisco v. house of representative cuevas expressed the option as a relief from the situation. enrile however, stated that the case does not fall on all fours since it never reached the senate.

bernas had a more fitting metaphorical description of it. he said it was "like beating a dead horse". hmmm...a dead horse in the legal battleground! 

 2. defense through counsel manalo and rep.tiangco expounds on the internal working of the House of Representatives (HR) postulating that the impeachment on corona was politically motivated. this is glaringly unfair considering the judicial privilege invoked by the SC in its feb.14 Valentine Resolution where they even prohibited any employee of the judiciary to testify without an approval from the court 'en banc'.

the IC however chose to be liberal on the matter enforcing the rule on admission of evidence that their consideration for relevance be left to the IC within its internal deliberations.

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