Wednesday, April 11, 2012

updates: notes on remedial law

a series of posts on provisional remedies and special civil actions. an attempt at manifesting into words what would be years of study into a few pages. though i would prefer less words if that was possible. remedial law being the most difficult of subjects relies heavily on actual court practice or what we call decided cases-as in jurisprudence.

the purpose of publication is to allow commentaries but not too many of these are expected considering the nature of the rules of court. some judges may even lag in updating their knowledge. i have heard of magistrates inquiring in counsels basis for pleadings only to find out that their rules of court are outdated. they are not static but rather dynamic compilations hence the need for community peer to peep interactions.

as we have learned, the rules of court or remedial law in general serves as the vehicle, conveyor, transporter, or any fitting term for that matter, for substantial law which is understood as statutory, like republic acts, executive orders, council resolutions, and what have you.

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