Monday, January 28, 2008

konstructive kriticism


I noticed that many users in BLOGGER tend to 'crowd' their starting pages with too many photographs. Sometimes you need to 'click-and-drag' the scroll bar for several times(I hate doing that). Here's an innovation.

I got the 'source codes' for photo3D.html at then having administrative privy's at , they allow you to manage HTML files in MODULES. Yes, provided you are the forum's ADMIN.

As for the codes. You may create your own custom gallery by editing the html file and changing the images using a DIRECT LINK URL. It's just a matter of EDITING(prefer to use ctrl+v & ctrl+c): DELETE the original image filenames, COPY the new filenames, PASTE, PREVIEW, then finally SUBMIT. All done. You got the 'addy' for the gallery.

It would be cooler to have a Virtual Gallery for the purpose. Complete with animated people and other entourage. Plus effects such as 'time-exposure' or simply said, the changing directional vectors of the sun's rays. In CAD, they call it 'raytrace'. Well..that's what is on my wish-list.

Here's the link to my photo gallery:
Another one I made @FREEWEBS: This time you need to turn ON Advance Settings in order to be able to create and edit in HTML mode. Free-web accounts default in 'kiddie' mode.


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