Monday, February 4, 2008

Movies In the Internet

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Fun how tons of movies are available for viewing in the Internet.

Websites not only offer old ones but also the latest releases. Some even offer chat rooms within a screen where we can have a virtual date with a special someone. Name it, its just a matter of search. However, is it really what we want out of the computer? Make it just another 'idiot box'?

I'm not that impressed about using the computer in such a manner. Nothing but an extension of the home entertainment center. It's not doing justice to the computer. Not quite giving it the function that it is truly capable of apart from any other machine.

I do admit there is some variation when it is brought to a level of a Virtual World. Like what I have in Kaneva , where I own a mansion and buy TV sets and program it with my play-list. While I laze in a jacuzzi having a chat with a friend. It's still entertainment taken to the nth degree spiced with a virtual room where I compose all the elements of its design based on solid primitives. That's something else. Truly magnificent!

I guess we have to let people have their way while other people may have their own way too as they see fit. It is indeed a versatile machine in a "world without strangers".


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