Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Que Barbaridad!


"Hell hath no fury like a woman (gay in this case..does it matter?) scorned"
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The blogging phenomenon flexes its muscle. A clear manifestation of unrestrained communication and interaction moderated only by a blogger's account owner. Gone are those days were information was dominated by the few who control channels of public information in a country that has been through hundreds of years of colonial influence and subservience.

These things could not have been made possible without the advances in technology and Internet revolution. It breaks through barriers and boundaries of jurisdictional questions. Questions which have yet to be settled in a world that is increasingly becoming 'a world without strangers'. Instant and spontaneous, it has become a place that generates new realizations which is only possible in our time and age.

On starting off, here is a quote on the Propaganda: Dictator's Three Friends.

One of the key things that any dictator knows is that in order to achieve absolute control, they need to have control of the military, the media and education.


The military and police offer the crudest and most absolute forms of control. When you can physically restrict people, locking them up or shooting them, then all dissidents will go in fear and very few will dare open their mouths.

Yet using military might is not a good solution. When coerced, you will get control of hands, but not hearts or minds. Rebellion is always in the air and the dictator will always go in fear of his or her life.


When you control the media, you can control the messages that are put in front of people day in and day out. If all that people see is a consistent message, then they will eventually come to believe it.

The internet has caused problems for dictators here, as has telephones and all other electronic forms of media that allow foreign ideas to worm their way into the system.


When you control the education system, you can instill values and beliefs from a very young age, particularly if you can move them from any contrary family environment into a consistent and controlled system.

The Jesuits are famous for starting with the very young, with the chilling declaration 'Give me the child and I will give you the man'. Values that are instilled when young may disappear for a while during teenage years, but almost always creep back again afterwards.


1. statute of frauds.
2. law of e-commerce.
3. rules on electronic evidence.
4. libel (good for int'l. exposure)..maybe realize how our laws suck?


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