Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Year's Bar Exams

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  1. Dear Mr.Raj...

    Let me introduce myself as a Dr.Sajith Chandran, live and work in Mumbai, INDIA. Professionally a scientist, but a passionate & obsessive artist in various media.

    Went through your blog page and got much impressed by the layout by which it has been framed. I do have a blog (, but in the traditional layout which google offers. I wish to have a layout in the way you have done. Hope you will help me in setting it. Pls let me know how the pictures has been inserted in the Title space. Hope if u dont mind, can we communicate thro mail. My ID to have your mail ID, if you are open to help me.


  2. hi,

    thanks for the compliment on my page design.

    i really can't recall how i got the design and layout.
    but here's the things i did:

    1. i'm using ultima blue template, a standard blog style.

    2. i observed that it's better to use other image servers.
    like servimg and photobucket. you may also try uploading
    direct to blogger. i just find it easier to use other servers
    for the images.

    3. you need to make and exact size for the image that i'm using.
    sometimes the template does not show the image if it's too big.
    you can do this by right clicking on the image properties on my page.

    4. just play around with the style, font size and colors.
    have it set in WYSIWYG.

    tell me if that works.
    good luck