Tuesday, November 18, 2008

games: runescape

time off from serious computing...raj finds time to play RUNESCAPE a massive multi-player on line game with more than a hundred servers round the world.

after completing several quests(33 qp's)..dragon slayer is the final quest that gives you the right to wear rune plate mail and the green d'hide (dragon hide) body armor.. the best armor a free-to-play player (fvp) could get.

hints and tips: in slaying the legendary dragon Elvarg i had full adamant insert, a rune scimitar, a diamond Amulet of Power, and level 42(protect from melee) prayer(you may also need to turn on Protect from Range prayer if you plan to kill the dragon from a distance). my combat level was fairly high at 60++. using focused attack CHOP(auto-retal is off). my HP boost of 20 swordies was more than enuf..i still had some 10-12 remaining which i sold to the grand exchange where i proceeded to get my full RUNE insert after talking to Oziak to show him the dragon head which i carried in my


melee training at crandor lesser demons(lvl82 monster).
1. full rune-set insert
2. rune scimmy
3. amulet of power(diamond)
4. amulet of strength(ruby)
5. strength potions(4)
6. tuna & swordfish(+10,+14hp)


standard gear: rune fullhelm, rune platemail, rune platelegs, rune gauntlets(uncharged), amulet of power, rune scimitar(fastest slasher weapon)...warlock cape...

standard gear 2-handers(most powerful freeworld weapon)/no shield for faster kills at the expense of defense...

ranging gear: rune-med-helm
specs: dragon hide body, dragon hide chaps, maple shortbow, iron arrows, ammy of power/ rune gauntlets(uncharged)..

ranging gear: rune full helm...highly recommended for severe damage melee opponents...

ranging gear with emergency 2H...for unexpected close encounters(melee)...

NEW SCREEN CAPTURE: ranging lesser demons at crandor...on this scenario, it goes "owww...whewww!" then falls and in 15 seconds!... lol
note: this is a manually edited screen capture graphic image file(gif). it contains 30 frames x 2 for cloning=60 frames at 0.50 sec per frame rate except for first and last image which is timed at 2 seconds rendu..LCD screen at 1280x800 res...bundled in adobe image ready and ported to firefox for saving file...


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