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games: runescape, freeworld/road tour

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note: red dot indicates route of road tour.

i've always been a sucker for virtual worlds, name it, secondlife, kaneva, entropia, there, utherverse...what else? i've been there.. it's proly due to my background in architecture before venturing into the legal field where 3d modelling is a basic thing that makes runescape phenomenal is the fact that it runs on any browser... true to its name, jagex stands for java-game-experts..(yeppers! no painful downloads of buggy softwares..haha!)...preferably IE7(the big dog in browsers) for forced sun-java renders..

here, i'm tryin(attempting is a better word) to present a series of videos on-a-road-tour in order to orient the un~initiated...incidentally, the following areas/transition points may be accessed instantaneously through the use of magical runes by teleport..that is if you have the proper level to cast them. they are: varrock town center, lumbridge castle courtyard( spawn area when killed), falador(near western bank)...also "cabbage patch"(a point between draynor and port sarim upon the final upgrade of the explorer ring)... this is also my jump-off point to karamja for swordfish and tuna fishing...then to crandor for some level ups...

first leg: lumbridge castle to varrock southgate.

tour starts in lumby castle where everything begins...crossing the bridge to al-kharid gate..then passing through the gem trader into an area where most smithers gather being the best site in the freeworld to smelt ores(its also a place where a stove/range is closest to a bank in terms of number of squares)...continuing NE to the 'duel arena' then back up N to the 'fire altar'..going further north into the 'scorpion pit'(this is a good mine to 'rock around' with two addy rocks, 2 golds, 3 miths, 2 coals, some tin and coppers, several iron and 5 silver ores..closest bank is duel arena)..avoid this however, too many new players( the 'complainers' and the 'feeding-bottle-generation'..XD) access this mine, it's best to mine gold/silver at the crafting guild(7 golds, 7 silvers) near falador...then on to the northern most part of al-kharid..travelling west to the southgate of varrock (low levels..beware of the dark wizards in this area)...SW to the champions guild(lots of chicken for feathers used in fishing salmon and trout)..then back to the south~gate where the video ends...

second leg: varrock to barbarian village

travelling N to townsquare of, you will meet romeo(who felt that juliet's cousin was a hottie!). among the important establishment here are: 1). sword shop;2). ranging shop;3). eastbank of varrock adjacent to the rune essence mine...also the ; 4). armour shop and the 5) apothecary's shop(for your strength potions)...somewhere northeast from the bank is the 'earth' altar...

moving N and entering the palace of vrock access the 'grand exchange'(GE) on its left.. then, moving S from the GE then W towards the river passing by the cooking focal point is the shed with lots of dead trees..there is a ladder down inside which gives access to the edgeville dungeon where 'hill giants' may be killed(slaughtered is a better word) for bigbones which sells at a very good price or if ever you wanna level up your prayers also in the dungeons is a very nice mine, my fav in fact for 'world hopping' addy ores..++its proximity to the grand exchange( if you can stand the skeletons), [however, if you need my opinion as to what is the best mine in the free world...i should say: crandor's the stats..entrance to volcano=4 gold rocks, coastline of crandor= 7 miths & 3 gold rocks...second level: 6 coal and 1 mith(at king scorpion area) plus 3 coal & 3 addy rocks(at moss giant area), you also need to consider the fact that most players go to crandor to train on combat not to do mining...thats a big plus for less competition..capability for 'super heat' is a must...XD] get the key, you need to access it from another ladder across the river at edgeville..

heading S..a bridge leading to the barbarian village [among the more important amenities here are; 1). furnace for pottery; 2). helm shop]..within this area is a busy fishing spot for pikes, salmon, and trouts. you may also use the fire at the helm shop or the pub~haus for cooking the catch..crossing the bridge theres a few rocks to mine( 4 coal, 5 tin)..going into pub haus( a good place to train ranging). north of this area is edgeville bank( jump-off to the wilderness)..then back outside...end of video.

third leg: barbarian village to falador

fourth leg: falador to rimmington

fifth leg: rimmington to port sarim

sixth leg: port sarim to draynor

final leg: draynor to lumbridge

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