Sunday, March 30, 2008

The 2008 PhBarExams Result

To the new lawyers I could have decided to spruce up this post with fireworks exploding in the heavens. I couldn't imagine a more fitting scenario for a celebration. However, considering the already graphically heavy page loading made me decide against it.

For those who did not make it. It would be well to note that the pursuit should be continued at all cost despite the setback. After all there's still more strikes left and the next try almost always increases the chance to near certaintyof passing. I hope that the time spent waiting was indulged in fine tuning the knowledge and honing one's own database to confirm one's given answers. Then the next try will surely be less of an effort. "Kung saan ka nadapa, 'dun ka bumangon."

It amuses me to find out at the PDI website that article which displayed the banner: " Regalado Record Still Unbroken." I believe that each bar exam is unique and different considering the broadness of its coverage. Inspite the fact that they cover same eight subjects.

I should therefore say that if Regalado were to take the Bar Exams at present, he would most proly flunk. Or as a consolation, maybe only pass Remedial Law. nyahaHAH!

Best of Luck Guys!

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