Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogging 101: Attitude


hey dude, i started blogging last january.
its april now so it seems.
relatively new, you would say.

since then, i've had some form of fun.
as long as it's not work for me.
so what's your blogging style BTW?
do you like exposing your undies online?
or are you very private like me?

just a few days ago, i went on some rolling blitz.
just browsing other blogs in bloogle..mostly.
finding how others blog their world away.

there was this blog by someone,
a graduate of law like me.
there were pictures of her in scantily clad clothing..
hmmm..sexxxy! i should say..

its not that i'm ugly or a supreme court (with no appeal).
i had my share..more than enuf i should say.
its proly cause i was just not brought up that way.
i just can't bring myself to pose in the frontpage of a magazine.
neither do i think is my private home/life (would be) of any interest to you.

i don't like poetry either.
don't make me decipher for meanings.
and don't waste my time on those.
i'm very greek, cause for the greeks
presence was immediate
not abstracted through space and time.
don't bore me with archaic linggo..
i don't have the time for that.
WYSIWYG..that's what i like most.
its my delight!

its funny when you read peeps blogging
about whats things they have their life..
like what are they eating now..
what's the point? i don't get it at all.
or what useless things they did the whole day.
what the hell do i care!

or there's this someone who just had a break-up.
a boylet she loves so much..and cried and mourn for..
some several postings..its not boring, mind you.
i said its pun. shadenfreude.

there are no real rules for blawgin,
just some hints that you should blog with authority.
thats what i believe in. its not just fun.
everything comes with a form of responsibility.
wheremore could you be an authority
than in your own life's affairs? in that rash in your ass..
those that you really know..still, its matter of taste.
and timing and all those shit.

till then happy blawgin, thanks for dropping by.
hey! before you go please leave a line or two.
i'd really appreciate that..
at least i know you've been here..
and somehow by some twist of fate.
we met in the virtual world.

good luck..
have a nice day!
(promise..i'll check-out your blog too)


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