Tuesday, April 15, 2008

HUMOR: Tinuod Nga Botbot ( True Lies)

I came across a site last week and I decided to make post as a tribute to the brand of humor-dialect-culture that is Cebuano/Visayan.

One word that makes it so distinctive, expressive, and without par in the entire archipelago. The word means dark. In tagalog madilim. In the local dialect it goes 'ngit-ngiiit'!

One word says it all.

Kumusta diay sa akong mga parenti diha sa Cebu. Si Tiyo nako nga Vicente ug akong ig-agaw tagsa, si Ging-ging, usa ka matahum nga doktora. Ayaw gyud nag tinuntuhi ninyo ha? Dila ray way labud ninyo(j/k)!

***warning though, site contains explicit language. Click on image to go to site...


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