Monday, May 12, 2008

Humor: Registered RN


The most recent flood of immigrant families to the U.S.of A. has brought a situation where the husband had to settle for other menial tasks or be a full time 'houseband'.

The law in that country allows spouses and children to reside while the other spouse is gainfully employed as a nurse. Then after a certain period, qualify them for citizenship. Some two years or so after migrating.

A friend once joked to me that her hubby is also an RN. I answered, "why the hell is he staying at home?"

I immediately got a retort: "it's a private joke among us here in the hospital. RN is our code name for husbands who stay home. It stands for "REGISTERED NANNYS!" muhahaH!

This is specially funny in relation to Pinoy culture where most male spouses concept of an ideal wife is the stay-at-home-mom.


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