Sunday, May 11, 2008

SLANG: 'SIUYA' Defined


"Shove it up your ass" is an idiom. An insult meant for someone who talks 'shit'. An expression as a way of telling that we don't need their crap. We tell it to the persons face so that he takes it back to where it this case, the 'asshole' of a 'shitbag'...haha!

CAUTION: Taboo. To be used only on peeps who tend to deviate from the 'real issues' under consideration in an argument cum discussion. Those who resort to 'ad hominems' and fail to reasonably grasp a valid issue placed on their consciousness due perhaps to several factors such as prejudice, pride, rank, contempt, intrigues or the likes, which tends to cloud clear thinking. It actually has a practical use of calling out peeps for their stupidity. For not only failing but refusing to see the obvious. To recognize valid issues. It relates to the other chat-room shortcut 'DUH' in this context. Only very much stronger. The later has a tinge of innocence.

I recently had an encounter with a forum MOD who had the luck to be at the receiving end of the expression. The incident started when they decided to reprimand publicly a member who uttered some derogatory remarks which made another member react angrily. I commented that reprimands and warnings should be done 'privately'. However, it was taken as an offense by the MOD who began talking shit. He was stating arrogantly that members had no right to tell them how the forum should be runned. This punkass proly thinks he is talking to a bunch of 'elementary school boys.' What a retard! Hence my resort to the 'SIUYA' expression.

Initially, it was another MOD who took offense in my correcting her concept of privacy. She was insisting that since it was done in a Forum Category that was exclusive for members only hence private. Not being open to general public, to her, satisfied her layman concept of privacy. OO nga naman, 'yun VIP Room 'private room' ang tawag dun kahit sandamukal ang pumapasok. Understandable since this girl is not even a first year level law student. However, the other MOD who claims to be a 2nd year law student, added insult to injury by stating: "Don’t invoke in lawyerly fashion the RPC( Revised Penal Code) and other laws in the manner of moderating this Forum."That is actually contempt of the law. Well, what's the use of a forum that is themed in Legal matters and things related to the bar examinations for lawyers if we cannot invoke the intricacies of the law? Ethical standards dictate that one should faithfully adhere and observe the laws of the land. He actually had the nerve to say it. I was tempted to use the other term, "bust a cap in your ass", but that was too much and decided against it.

Here, I deem it fit to quote a line from Justice Tinga, who said, "Liberty in the constitutional sense not only means freedom from unlawful government restraint; it must include privacy as well, if it is to be a repository of freedom. The right to be let alone is the beginning of all freedom, it is the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men", that is taken from the case of City of Manila v. Laguio, G.R. No. 118127. April 12, 2005.

Early on, I had stated a legal fact on privacy in relation to 'libel'. As to when publication is done. The information need only be transmitted to a third person in order to comply with the element of publication. There was no need to relay it to the general public which is the layman's common perception. One may be held liable if proven to be malicious when relayed. Worse, if the third person relays it to another and the original source denies it. Then the third person may be held liable. That is one of the most significant concepts under this jurisdiction worth mentioning. For eagerly sharing my knowledge, I am instead rebuked and insulted!

I was later informed that there was an 'uproar' caused as a result of my comment. I did not react on impulse or instinctively when I decided to post a response to the said MOD. It took me a few hours to phrase a few sentences. When I had decided what to say, fully aware of the possible consequences, I had already made up my mind not to log-back to that forum ever. It was suppose to be intended as my famous few last words! nyaha! A forum with that kind of MOD 'attitude and rules' does not deserve much attention. Treating members like that constitutes a serious breach of Forum Management Professionalism. Everyone should be treated equally and fairly. Both MOD's and Members. After all, it is a User Generated Content Community. Whether or not they implement the privacy mode for reprimands and warnings does not matter to me anymore. I am beyond that. What I know is that I had such a good night's sleep after I've said it...said my piece. That's all that matters! LOL

In retrospect, I recall the said MOD's penchant for using symbolic words such as "unsheathing a sword from its scabbard" in the exercise of their responsibilities...hahaha! It reeks of nothing but being 'power-hungry'. These kinds of people are proly living in the illusion that they are running a 'country' instead of a 'bulletin board'...funny and sad. Undoubtedly sick!

HINT: "Burn your bridges when you're done."

I now remember the famous line's origin. It was Al Pacino in 'Scarface' who said, " why don't you shove your head up your ass? See if it fits!".

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